The only thing I will add is that you are confounding racial power with economic or political power. A Black member of Congress has political power but lacks racial power.

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When I’m grieving or when my heart is broken, don’t give me platitudes — sit with me.

Thanks Jen. And yes, I totally agree re: UBT. It doesn't go into enough depth and is usually a checkbox for many organizations.

And it’s interesting that it took a male colleague to make you storm off set.

“‘One day you’re cock of the walk, the next a feather duster’”— Margot Barber (Piers Morgan’s Twitter bio. How ironic.)

I’ve written at length about Meghan Markle over the past few days. I beg your indulgence for what I hope is my last piece on this “Megxit” saga and that infamous interview with Oprah Winfrey that aired on Sunday night on CBS in North America.

Today, Piers stormed off set after a colleague — weatherman Alex Beresford — took him to task about his unrelenting criticism of Meghan. The interview can be watched below:

Apparently, Meghan and Piers had…

Source: Vanity Fair

We need to understand racism — systemic racism — in order to solve it, and our ignorance is showing.

I wrote a piece a few months back that was titled “No, Black People Can’t Be Racist.” It was, much to my relief, pretty well received, although there were some dissenters (which was to be expected). As I stated in that piece, my aim was two-fold; it was not to demonize White people or posit that somehow Black people are morally blameless, but rather to absolve Black people from the burden of fixing a problem that they did not create. …

Source: CBS News

Also, my thoughts on the interplay between racism, jealousy, racism, class, racism and misogynoir in the retelling of her story to Oprah.

“I will not stay, not ever again — in a room or conversation or relationship or institution that requires me to abandon myself.” — Glennon Doyle, Untamed

Once upon I time, I wanted to marry into the British royal family. I had always been into reading about royalty, but the truth was I was actually more enamoured by Diana, Princess of Wales and all of her pretty dresses and charity work. I calculated the age difference between myself and William and myself and Harry (only seven and four years respectively) and set my thoughts on figuring out how I could…

Become the right thing instead.

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A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of. — Luke 6:45, NIV

For out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks. — Matt. 12:34

“I want to advocate for others and talk about race but I’m afraid of saying the wrong thing.”

How many times have you heard this (or some variation of this) — especially since last year?

In the year of our Lord…

Thank you for coming to my TEDTalk.

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As a follow up to a conversation that I was having with a colleague at work, let me bless y’all with some free advice that will save you, your children, and people in your spheres of influence time, money, potential financial ruin, mental health and existential dread:

Only go to law school if you want to be a lawyer (or arguably a legal scholar).

The colleague was going to refer her friend to me for advice on whether to go to law school. Said friend wants to work in public policy.

Wanting to work in public policy is a horrible…

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What did we celebrate? Was this Black History Month any different from the others? What do we do in the aftermath?

“This month we celebrate us… our complex dichotomy of a beautiful traumatic lament, in the key of hope and holiness. Ours is a magnum opus of heaven and horror, sung with blood-stained chords from the heat of forced labor and overlooked contributions. We love you… we distrust you… yet we find good in you, as we found good in ourselves…after generations of being taught to hate that same melanin that has brought beauty from ashes. Oh how beautiful we are. We always were, now the light finally reveals what was always there. Oh, how beautiful we are.” — Kirk Franklin

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