You all can continue to explain if you want to. I no longer will.

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I don’t count myself among the greatest of people dead or alive, but I can’t imagine a situation or a society or a circumstance in which I would reply “All Lives Matter” to an expression of grief, loss, pain and frustration.

A month ago a friend of mine interviewed me for her Instagram Live. She wanted me to talk about race, social justice and the church. I mentioned my frustration with the phrase being parroted by many a Christian in response to “Black Lives Matter”: “all lives matter.”

“So when people say ‘all lives matter’ in response to ‘Black Lives Matter’, what do you say to them?” …

With little effort, you too can make a racist. Makes 2 to 4 million servings (and then some, with leftovers for sharing)

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Ever since I was a little Black girl, I have been warmly embraced by racism. I fondly remember, as a kindergartener, sneaking into the kindergarten room next door with my other little non-Black friends on a secret mission to trade our Black baby doll with the White one (the White one was prettier, obviously).

Since then, I’m hit by nostalgia every time I turn on the news and hear of yet another innocent Black person dying just for existing. …

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It’s becoming more and more commonplace for single women in their thirties to research their options — regardless of whether they want children

With last month being PCOS Awareness Month, and this month being Pregnancy and Infant Loss Month, and while I try to put off going to bed, it seems like as good a time as ever to talk about my trip to the fertility clinic.

(This is long. My suggestion is that you go curl up with your blanket and some hot cocoa while you read about my womb. You’re welcome.)

It’s not a recent trip. I went about two years ago (and I have sat on this post since then because of #vulnerability). …


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I like big stories and I cannot lie. Authentic, transparent musings & connecting with others so we can all feel less alone. https://linktr.ee/simonesamuels

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