A Tale of Two Book Releases

Simone Samuels
2 min readOct 21, 2023

The reception to Britney and Jada’s memoirs has been vastly different.

Jada: “Will and I have actually been separated since 2016.”

Everyone: “Stop embarrassing Will! Keep us out the group chat! You are sharing too much.”

Britney: “I had to abort Justin’s baby. Also, when Justin’s penis was inside of me, I couldn’t feel it.

Everyone: “Tell us more!”

Make it make sense.

Both women have been quite public about their lives. We know more than we ever cared to know about both women (Britney recently posted a reel of her dancing with knives for Pete’s sake). But only one woman is accused of over-sharing, being a narcissist and saying — being — “too much.”

I think I’ve written enough about Jada for now. For my thoughts on why both memoirs are being talked about differently, see:



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