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Just Say That You Hate Jada. And Keep Me in the Group Chat. It’s Instructive.

“Don’t conflate your exhaustion with [your perception of] her unreasonableness.” — Marie Talusma (Bluecentric)

Simone Samuels
11 min readOct 15, 2023


Group chats are annoying. I can totally admit that. I’m in a few, and I’ve muted the notifications for most of them.

Not only do you get too much information, it’s the constant barrage of information — a lot of it foolishness. If it’s not “Good morning,” “Happy Sabbath!” *random Bible verse* texts in the family group chats, it’s previously answered questions in the Facebook group chats and random gifs, stickers and memes in the other WhatsApp chats. My phone literally does not have any more space or internal storage for the inanities. But I often still stay in these chats because I don’t want to miss anything that might just pertain to me.

That’s how I feel about this Will and Jada group chat that we’ve been added to without our permission.

So many people (Luvvie and Jerrilyn et al) are asking — pleading — to be let out of the group chat. “Stop sharing so much, we say. We’re learning more than we ever cared to learn. “I don’t need to know you two are separated. Every month it’s something.”

But like all boring conversations where there is forced inclusion because your parents don’t know how to cut conversations short after church service, if you linger around long enough, you might not only get gossip and hot tea — you might learn something that can change your life and allow you not to make the same mistakes.

“Don’t confuse your valid fatigue with the reasonableness of her situation.” — Marie Talusma (Bluecentric)

The Context: Humanizing Jada

That message was really concretized for me when I stumbled upon this spectacular breakdown by Bluecentric/Marie “Blue” Telusma ) that humanized Jada and contextualized her admissions:



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